Our Roots

Coffeeit is the answer to almost everything. At Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, owners Tim Adrian and Nate Post honor that sentiment in everything they do. Whether they are seeking outthe world’s best green coffee beans, roasting coffee in their hand-built air roaster, or deliveringbeans across town, it is that concept of coffee—the resolution to our daily problems—that remains at the heart of their work.

Owners and Roasters Nate and Tim developed their love for coffee as teenagers. The two moved to Colorado straight out of high school and immediately made Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters their daily hang out spot. Previous owner and College Professor Jim Rodkey, was a sounding board for the young crew that spent their time in his shop. Nate met his future wife Stef, at the Roasters and when Tim and his wife Liz were married it was Jim, who walked Liz down the aisle. It is safe to say the guys grew up in the Roasters. Eventually, the shop was for sale. Nate and Tim seized the opportunity to make coffee culture their life in addition to their passion.

Eleven years later Tim and Nate have been helping locals and visitors get through their day one cup of coffee at a time! As roasters, they have honed in on their skills. They produce bold and flavorful blends that resonate with the senses—on roasting days follow your nose across town and you will find Tim or Nate in the roaster room. As owners they have grown Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters into a core spot on main street Frisco, where drinks and connections are made.

When not chatting with their customers or drinking coffee Nate will be out rock climbing or traveling with his wife and son. You can find Tim playing music somewhere in town or working on a cool art project with his family. Either way, the vestige of their love for coffee is in every cup. Whether you need a morning perk or an answer to a daily dilemma—Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters is here for you.